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Update 5/25/03

Well well well.... I got the how-to's up! Theres some big ones on their way.. Rear main seal how-to is gonna be
up soon, dunno exactly when, but I just finished changing it and got the car driving today, so the pics will be loaded
resized and the writeup will start shortly... I am also changing my entire head tomorrow so I'm sure I'll have pics fo that
and a writeup to go along with it... Thats the update for now, oh yea, my new email address is for all
thoes who wanna hit me up and ask some questions or give me your input.

Update 5/14/04

Well, I got a website back! this is only a temp main Page for now until I can get something up thats worthwhile.. in the mean time, you can check out some pics of my car's work in progress at this page

also, I now have a forum! check it out and post whatever.. Check it out here!

BTW: I can be contacted via AOL Instant Messenger under the username GuANu and I'm damn near always on... so if ya wanna talk, just IM me.